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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

2012 Honda V4 Bikes Review & Pictures

Honda V4 Concept is the next generation bike from Honda. October this year, Honda Motor Europe Ltd. exhibited the World Premiere V4 concept Model at Intermot Cologne. It is one of the most stylish bike designs I have ever seen. What about you? Take a look at these pictures of Honda V4 Concept. via:

 Honda V4 Bikes
  Honda V4 Bikes
  Honda V4 Bikes
 Honda V4 Bikes

Honda produced the V4 Sabre motorcycle from 1982 to 1985. It was one of a group of Japanese motorcycles known at the time as "tariff-busters" because of the modifications made to allow the bikes to circumvent the newly passed United States International Trade Commission tariff on foreign motorcycles 700cc and larger.[1]
Sabre models were:
VF750S - V45 Sabre (1982–1985)
VF700S - Sabre 700 (1984–1985)
VF1100S - V65 Sabre (1984–1985)
V45 Sabre/VF750S (1982–1983)
V45 Sabre/VF750S and VF700S (1984–1985)
V65 Sabre (1984–1985).

  Honda V4 Bikes
  Honda V4 Bikes
 Honda V4 Bikes

V4 engine:

The V45 Sabre was introduced in 1982. It shared its V4 engine design with the Magna and Interceptor. The engines in the Sabre and Magna were so similar to be almost completely interchangeable except for a few fuel and carburation-related differences. The Interceptor engine was angled differently in the frame and had a chain drive instead of shaft, but shared the same 90-degree-V four-cylinder, DOHC configuration.
The V4 engine combined the high-revving power of an in-line four cylinder with the narrow width of a v-twin. The 90-degree angle of the V also gave the engine perfect primary balance,[citation needed] which helped avoid the vibration problems that plagued many in-line four cylinder motorcycle engines without the need of heavy solid rubber mounts.
In 1984 import tariffs were changed, causing the "V45" engine to be modified. Honda reduced the displacement to 698 cc by destroking the motor from 48.6mm to 45.4mm, added a tooth on the clutch gear to compensate for a loss of torque and changed the model name to VF700S. The VF700S models continued for only one more year.
The 750 cc "V45" engine produced 82 hp (61 kW) for 1982 models. 86 hp (64 kW) for 1983–1985 models. 76 hp (57 kW) for 700 models. The 1,100 cc "V65" engine, which was introduced in 1983, produced 121 hp (90 kW). Both were slightly detuned throughout the run of the first generation engine to cope with customs and EPA regulations. However, Honda reported the same horsepower figures throughout the whole generation even though the actual dyno-proven, detuned, figures showed up lower than advertised.
The engine's downfall was premature camshaft wear in some early models; both V45, 1000 and V65.[citation needed] In retrospect, the wear was caused by inadequate oil flow to the heads/cams driving for a long time on low engine speeds (under 3,000 rpm) and at cold start /engine warm-up procedure, non-accurate valve adjustment, and sometimes insufficient maintenance. But this came too late to save the engine's reputation. Honda itself at first denied there was a problem, then blamed inadequate or incorrect maintenance for the problem. They changed the maintenance interval, and developed and sold a special tool for 'proper' valve-lash adjustment. They eventually made changes to the design and production methods of the engine which eliminated the problem.
But it was too late. The first generation V4 was discredited, and the first V4 revolution failed. While Yamaha (the V-Max) and Suzuki (the Madura) had both responded to the Honda V4s with V4 engines of their own.
Eventually, Suzuki dropped the Madura, and the production of the Yamaha V-Max was continued for over 20 years.

  Honda V4 Bikes
  Honda V4 Bikes


In 1983, Cycle magazine reported that Jay Pee-Wee Gleason made a 10.92 second, 124.82 mph (200.88 km/h) quarter-mile run with a V65 Magna,[citation needed] which had the same engine as the V65 Sabre.
The V65 Magna appeared for several years in the Guinness book of world records as the "fastest production motorcycle" with a calculated (but not real) top speed of over 160 mph (260 km/h).[citation needed]
According to Honda: "the mighty V65 Sabre could launch from a standstill to 50 miles per hour in just 2.31 seconds!"[citation needed]

  Honda V4 Bikes
  Honda V4 Bikes
 Honda V4 Bikes

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